I love longform narrative non-fiction.

The first-person narrative abounds in podcast form, but for this request, I focused on shows that remained with a single character of the course of many episodes rather than shows that go deep on different characters for each episode. (On the list of this listener’s favorite shows were two hybrid personal narratives over many episodes + the narratives of others from episode to episode: StartUp and Heavyweight.)

The first trio is parenting related (it’s a pivotal time to document, and many of the discussions are applicable beyond parenthood) and the second trio is shows that go deep into one personal and emotional transition.

Not By Accident poda first-person documentary about a woman deciding to become a single mother.

First Day Back — a mother returns to work after stay-at-home-momming for six years.

How To Be A Girl — what’s it like to raise a transgender daughter?

Moving to Philadelphia — the story of a musical performance artist moving to Philadelphia.

Tell Me I’m Funny— Peter documents his journey to being a comedian.

Man Afraid of Everything — he is a man. He is afraid of everything. And yet, he’s trying it all.

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Do you listen to any podcasts that cover one person’s journey over the course of many episodes? Tell me about them in the comments?

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