The Kesha and Drake RadioPublic release

iOS version 1.5.1 — Sorry, we didn’t create the next summer dance craze.🎵 Tap. Slide up, slide down. Tap. Slide up, slide down.🎵 No that isn’t the name of the next great summer dance craze — it’s about our new episode UI in RadioPublic for iOS. Though I bet if tap, slide up, slide down. tap was a summer … Continue reading The Kesha and Drake RadioPublic release

“He’s a podcast importer-exporter Okay?”

Import/export and see all downloaded episodes in RadioPublic 1.5 for iOS. Add shows from other podcast apps Art Vandelay — the made up character from Seinfeld — would love this release of RadioPublic for iOS. We’ve made it much easier to import and export your podcasts. Though I’m pretty sure Art would only be interested in the import aspect. If you … Continue reading “He’s a podcast importer-exporter Okay?”