The Kesha and Drake RadioPublic release

iOS version 1.5.1 — Sorry, we didn’t create the next summer dance craze.

🎵 Tap. Slide up, slide down. Tap. Slide up, slide down.🎵 No that isn’t the name of the next great summer dance craze — it’s about our new episode UI in RadioPublic for iOS. Though I bet if tap, slide up, slide down. tap was a summer dance jam it would give the whip and nae nae a run for the money. I’m so picturing a Drake and Kesha (please come back Kesha!) jam right now. Anyway back to our app. So now when you see an episode and tap it, a screen slides up showing you just the key information and big buttons for playing the episode or adding it to your queue. You do queue don’t you? Tap with wanton abandon.

Look at that big play button… doesn’t it make you want to tap it?

Devils and details

My dad told me “The devil is in the details.” I don’t think he literally meant the devil was in the details. That would be terrifying. What isn’t terrifying is the update to how we show podcasts in the app. Now when you view a podcast for the first time you’ll see an overview highlighting key information like how many episodes are available, when the last episode was published and even a recommended episode to start with.

Look at all those filter options…

All the episodes can be found in the brilliantly named section “Episodes”. Once you follow the podcast new episodes will start to show up on your home screen. There are some nifty filters on the episodes screen too, so you can see episodes you’ve downloaded, or ones that you haven’t yet heard. You can get them by tapping the “All episodes” text. Happy listening.

Boring stuff made interesting

Privacy Policies and Terms of Service documents are usually super boring right, filled with legal that sort of causes your eyes to glaze over and your head to spin. Give ours a read, you might find our approach to your privacy refreshing. All of that plus all the awesome open source software we use can be found in the updated settings.

One more thing

One more thing, just a reminder that we added a pretty snifty way to add podcasts from other apps. Give it a whirl in the settings by tapping “Import”.

Oh… and really one more thing — if you’ve read this far and you like what we’ve been building it’d be awesome if you could tell people. We’d all appreciate it.

Also… I guess I lied about one last thing. We squashed tons of bugs in this release of RadioPublic for iOS. Squish. Squish. You’re welcome.

Hey Toronto City Councilor Norm Kelly can you get on that Drake/Kesha jam and make it happen?!

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