Imaginary worlds, podcasts from a record label, political comedy, and more

This week’s podcast playlists

Podcast playlists from the people behind The Orbiting Human Circus (of the Air); Kill Rock Stars; First Look Media’s new studio, Topic; The Heart; and AudioTeller.

Imaginary worlds

A guided journey through a series of imaginary worlds for the audio drama explorer. Curated by Christy Gressman, the producer of The Orbiting Human Circus (of the Air) and the upcoming The 2nd Imaginary Symphony.

We love the music

A playlist from record label Kill Rock Stars, including shows featuring KRS artists, artist-hosted podcasts, and staff favorites.

Introducing Topic

Political comedy, compelling stories about immigration in the time of Trump, and a beloved celebrity gone missing: a sampling of some of the creative voices behind First Look Media’s new studio, Topic.

Stories that could be true

Captivating radio drama and fiction — a playlist from the creators of The Heart, Kaitlin Prest and Mitra Kaboli.

Get hooked

New and veteran listeners alike will love these masterfully crafted episodes. Curated by Simon Owens and Jaclyn Schiff from AudioTeller, a weekly newsletter that shares can’t-miss podcast episodes.

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