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This week’s podcast playlists

Podcast playlists from the people behind CBC’s Sleepover, Hi-Phi Nation, Zooglobble, The Bello Collective, and Not My First Radio.

Real Talk

Complicated conversations that will make you a better person, guaranteed. Compiled by Veronica Simmonds, a radio producer (CBC’s Sleepover) and audio artist based in Toronto.

Comedy Podcast Starter Kit

A sampler of sorts, this playlist is a fantastic intro into the wide, wide world of comedy podcasts. john dodig is a self-described comedy nerd who writes a weekly newsletter called Not My First Radio, where he recommends five excellent podcast episodes every week.

Stories of Gender Transitions

Episodes about people who transition from one gender to another — socially, physically, and legally. Chosen by The Bello Collective’s Galen Beebe.

The Latest Podcasts for Kids and Families

Stefan Shepherd has been writing about kids audio for nearly 15 years at, and he curates a rotating, monthly playlist of great episodes for kids and families.

Hi-Phi Nation: Hidden Conflicts

This collection of episodes unpacks the hidden assumptions behind the most common aspects of American life — and leave you questioning things you never thought to question before. From Barry Lam, creator of Hi-Phi Nation, a sound and story-driven show about philosophy.

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