What’s new in RadioPublic 1.6.2 for iOS?

Howdy! Ready for a quick update about what’s new in RadioPublic for iOS?

These are poplar trees, not popular podcasts…

Populus is the plant genus which includes most poplars, as well as aspen and cottonwood. So says Wikipedia. Popular podcasts are not trees… duh… they are podcasts a bunch of people have decided they all enjoy. You can easily sample these shows loved by the masses by tapping on the search icon, it’s the magnifying glass, tucked up in the right corner on the home and explore screens. Learn more about these not so hidden gems by tapping on the artwork or podcast name. Did the show name and snazzy artwork tickle your fancy? Quickly follow the show by tapping the + icon and you’ll get updates when new episodes are published.

Quickly follow the most popular podcasts.

Create your first Smart Folder

Just a little while ago we introduced Smart Folders to help you collect and organize your podcasts. They’ve been super useful for people to group podcasts into personal collections. Lump all your science shows into one, gather all your comedy into another. I have one for shows that help me get back to sleep when I wake up at 3am “Go the f back to sleep”. Creating a Smart Folder was tucked away, deep in the settings — now you’ll see a prompt on the home screen to help you get started. Woo! What creative name have you given your Smart Folders? Let me know @radiopublic on Twitter.

Add a Smart Folder right from the home screen

Dive into your Smart Folder

You’ve created that snazzy new Smart Folder. Where is it? It’ll get added to your home screen and now, you can drill down into the folder just like you can with the shows you follow to see individual episodes and use all the filters and sorting stuff to set the view up how you want. Just tap the name of your Smart Folder or tap > and you’ll see that list.

Dive into your Smart Folder to adjust settings and see episodes

What should I hear next?

Phew! One more thing… now when you are peeking at a new podcast, checking it out and reading the description you’ll see a recommended episode to start with. Because sometimes when a podcast has 500 episodes a smart suggestion on where to start is a good idea. Not in the mood for the recommended episode? Tap the episodes tab on the podcast page and you’ll see a list of all the episodes available.

A suggested starter episode for each podcast,

I might be crazy

Coolio. Have any feedback about what we’ve been building? I’d love to hear from you. This might be a slightly crazy thing to have done, but I put my personal cell phone number in the app settings. Give me a call. Seriously, if you’ve gotten this far in the update notes I’m sure we’d have a great conversation about podcasts and RadioPublic.

Oh hey, also just so you know, traveling to PEI just isn’t the same since the bridge was put in. That ferry ride was hecka fun. /Matt

RadioPublic is free for iOS & Android. What should you hear next?

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