Something special for Comedy Bang Bang fans — and the perfect intro to podcasts

This week’s podcast playlists

Podcast playlists from the people behind Comedy Bang Bang, Other: Mixed Race in America, The Ladycast, Hop on My Pod, and Pastime’s Podcasts for Parents.

If you love Comedy Bang Bang…

Do you love the cavalcade of insanity featured weekly on Scott Aukerman’s Comedy Bang Bang? Well you’re in luck, because many of Scott’s regular players have hilarious podcasts of their own! Check out these great shows from the CBB family.

Audio Hyped

How to get addicted to podcasts: Katrina Bolak wants everyone to be as obsessed with podcasts as she is, so she’s sharing her recipe for getting started: drama + great storytelling + a binge-worthy series.

Do the Thing

Episodes that have inspired Alex Laughlin to #dothething, from fearlessly making art online to asking for a raise. Alex is the host of Other: Mixed Race in America, and creator of The Ladycast, where she interviews amazing women about their lives and careers.

Road Trip With Kids

Family-friendly listening for long drives. Playlist by Andrew Roper, creator of Podcasts for Parents at Pastime.

I Want to Feel All the Emotions

A playlist jam-packed with emotions. If this playlist doesn’t make you cry, you are made of steel. Anne Kim writes Hop on My Pod, a newsletter sent every so often about her favorite podcasts.

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