Grit, gumption, and indigenous audio

This week’s podcast playlists

Podcast playlists from the people behind The Moth, Millennial, Kickstarter, CoCommercial, and the Indian and Cowboy network.

Grit & Gumption

Stories of guts, courage and moxie. Curated by Catherine Burns, Artistic Director at The Moth.

NDN Audio

An introduction to a diverse, exciting & undeniable group of Indigenous storytellers & podcasters. Collected by Ryan McMahon from the Indian and Cowboy podcast network.

Kickstarter: Creative Independence

From the hidden worlds uncovered by Roman Mars’ 99% Invisible to the stories of musical innovators profiled in Meet the Composer, this playlist features a few of the Kickstarter team’s favorite Kickstarter-supported podcasts.

I am the New Economy

Digital small businesses are reshaping the economy. These podcasts help fuel their growth. From Tara Gentile, the host of Profit. Power. Pursuit., a podcast that takes you behind the scenes of successful small businesses.


In every good story there are twist, turns and surprises. These are episodes with Megan Tan’s favorite twists, both subtle and loud. Megan is the host of Millennial, a podcast about coming of age.

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