Thanks, but no need to say gesundheit.


You might read the title more as… Awwwwwww Queue! Which is to say we totally revamped how the queue works in the latest version of RadioPublic for iOS. Give the podcast artwork in the player a tap and you’ll see an all new queue manager. We’ve also now given you a way to adjust how autoplay and the RadioPublic suggestions work. So give it a try, add some episodes to your queue, adjust the order in which they play and then sit back and just listen.


We’ve added a wicked smaaaarhhhht new feature to this release, at least that’s how those of us in Boston talk about this latest release. We’ve added Smart Folders. Now what is a Smart Folder? It’s a way to organize and collect podcasts so you can get to them more quickly. I created one called “Insomnia” for when I wake up at 3am and want to hear something, but not one of the shows that I really requires my full attention. I’ve seen other people create Smart Folders for “Favorite Science”, “In the car” or “While I’m cooking.” I can’t wait to see how you use them. Free RadioPublic t-shirt for the most creatively named Smart Folder as judged by my 7-year-old and 11-year-old. Oh, an added benefit, you don’t have to subscribe to the podcast to add it to a Smart Folder. Smart Folders you add show up on Home. Smaaart.

Also in this release you’ll actually get notifications now, so if you haven’t turned on new episode notifications and you want them head to settings and turn ’em on. And if you have already enabled them, you’ll now get them. Yay!



More SPEED in this update too. Faster taps and better background syncing so you can get episodes almost as fast as they come out of a podcasters mouth. To be clear, unlike Google Home and Amazon Alexa, we don’t actually capture words the moment podcasters speak them, that’d be creepy.

Anyway — hope you all have a lovely week, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to get a tasty Tim Hortons honey dipped and a coffee. Keep your sticks on the ice.

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