The world’s easiest embed player: the hunt for podcast links is over

Howdy podcast embedding person! We’ve updated our policies to ensure only podcasters with verified shows are using RadioPublic tools including the embed player.

To increase the number of shows that are available in the RadioPublic catalog we have direct integrations with Anchor, Libsyn, and other podcast hosting providers so that podcasters have more control over their show’s RadioPublic presence in the apps and on the web. With several thousand new shows being added each week, there’s a chance the podcast you’re looking for is already around and embeddable! And of course, any podcaster can verify their show speedily by visiting

Everything else in the article still applies: the free embed player works for any podcast regardless of hosting provider, and it works all over the web. Happy embedding!

If you like podcasts, and you’re writing on Medium, your workflow just got a whole lot easier.

Until now, writing about podcasts was a royal pain, because there was no standard way to link to a show. Some writers link off to a bunch of disparate show websites, while others use app links that only work for a fraction of listeners. The upshot?

  • The writing process sucks, because it takes you ages to track down all the links and embed them in the right spots.
  • And the reading process sucks, too — because you can’t actually listen to the shows under discussion. To sample a show, you have to click through link after link, often resulting in a dead end or a lost trail.

Now there’s a better way. It looks like this:

Stop Googling and start embedding — using RadioPublic’s free universal podcast embed player.

  • Stop wasting time hunting around for show links.
  • Keep people on your article longer.
  • Embed once: as new podcast episodes are published, the player updates automatically with the most recent episode.
  • And let your readers quickly and easily listen, sample, or follow the shows you’re writing about.

RadioPublic’s embed player is optimized for mobile, where most people prefer to listen to podcasts (though it also works beautifully on desktops). And when your readers are done listening, they’ll get a prompt to subscribe to the show. Here’s a full list of the features our embed player provides.

And the best part? It works seamlessly within Medium. RadioPublic is now a supported Embedly provider, making it easy to embed podcasts into your Medium post.

Psst… want to embed podcasts on a different platform? Here are the instructions for WordPress, Squarespace, and all other publishing platforms.

Here, give it a try.

  1. Find a show you like at
    In a hurry? Try one of these shows:
    99% Invisible:
    Still Processing:
  2. Copy the link.
  3. Paste it onto a new line in your Medium story.
  4. Press Enter.

Voilà! Your readers can now listen to the show while they’re reading what you have to say about it.

Psst: If you have any trouble finding a show in our search directory, get in touch.

How about a pretty video showing those four simple steps?

Want to embed a specific episode?

It’s just as simple to embed a single episode of a show. Once you find the show you want to embed (let’s say it’s WNYC’s Note to Self), just click on the episode you want and grab the URL — perhaps this one, featuring the guy who designed Facebook’s ad-tracking system). Then paste it into your story, and boom:

Care to see some examples?

Check out the Dine on Design podcast playlist from, or this Women’s History Month playlist from PRX: you can listen to every podcast they recommend, and if you like it, click right through to the show screen on RadioPublic. No complicated link trails, account creation, or dead ends. (Did we mention that Android users hit a complete dead end when they follow an iTunes link? No biggie — as long as you‘re OK with ignoring 1.5 billion people.)

Simpler, faster, and a better experience for your readers

If reader engagement matters to you, stop linking off to other websites and start embedding podcasts right in your articles. You’ll help convert readers to listeners; you’ll keep people on your stories longer; and you’ll save yourself a whole lot of hassle.


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