Fact and fiction, surreal mundanity, and the New York Times podcast club

New things to hear this week

Podcast playlists from the people behind the NYT Podcast Club, Memory Motel, the Freepoint Hotel, Washed Up Emo, and Here Be Monsters.

Nearly 10,000 members in three days: apparently, lots of people want to talk about podcasts.

The New York Times Podcast Club

The NYT Podcast Club is a community of podcast lovers who discuss one episode of one podcast every week — and an online extension of a club started among NYT employees. Follow along with the week’s listening with their podcast playlist, then visit their Facebook group to discuss it.

Fact and Fiction

Terence Mickey, creator of Memory Motel, shares what he’s listening to while working on Season 2: the factual podcasts, the fictive ones and those where the line is happily unclear.

Surreal Mundane

The creators of KCRW’s Here Be Monsters think the best podcasts are the ones that exist in the surreal mundane — a state of unusual normalcy.

Boston Like a Local

As Boston gears up for its annual Marathon, the Freepoint Hotel rounds up some essential listening from around Beantown.

Tom Mullen’s Favorites

The man behind Washed Up Emo — a podcast dedicated to the late 90s and early 2000s emo, post-hardcore and punk scene — shares his favorite non-music shows.

The backstory: Every week at RadioPublic, we highlight a new set of hand-curated #PodcastPlaylists — think old-school mix tape, but for podcast episodes. Some share a theme, and others are a selection of favorites from tastemakers like authors, podcast hosts, and publications. Want to be the first to hear when new playlists are available? Join our mailing list below.


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