Beyond the sportscast, and beyond the bounds of earth

This week’s podcast playlists on RadioPublic

Podcast playlists from the people behind The Players’ Tribune, Wolf 359, Nashville Public Radio, and Heritage Radio Network.

Beyond Sportscasting

The Players’ Tribune selects episodes that go beyond stat sheets. These audio stories attempt to pull our heroes and the games they play down from their pedestals — letting that vulnerability help to shed light on the human condition.

Space is the Place

The folks who make Wolf 359 have a… loose, shall we say, relationship to actual science. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t fascinated by it. Here are some of their favorite stories, both real and fictional, about space, AI development, and the people who look to the stars.

Stories from Nashville

Shoe shines, sad songs, and instant poetry: immersive and intimate stories produced in Nashville, Tennessee, compiled by Nashville Public Radio.

Familiar Faces in Food

Names and voices you may recognize, all talking about food. Heritage Radio Network is the voice of America’s food movement; a member-supported radio network broadcasting from Bushwick, Brooklyn.

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