Scratch my geeky/nerdy/nostalgic podcast itch.

Can you be nostalgic for a time or place you’ve never been? I was born in the 80s but still feel a closeness to it… must be something in the air at that time. Your busy-bee Podcast Librarian Ma’ayan here, checking in from the past with some nostalgic podcasts for a geeky nerd listener.

For a nerdy nostalgic show, try the short-lived Branded in the 80s podcast— it’s a nostalgic look at some of the products that made the 80s what they were. Also, check out the Positively Nerdy podcast, which has a variety of episode lengths (good for whatever amount of time you have to dedicate to listening).

For a more scifi vibe, try Ars Paradoxica for time traveling science-y scifi or King Falls AM, a late night talk show about the paranormal happenings in King Falls.

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Like any of these shows? Tell me what else you’d suggest for a nerdy/geeky listener in the comments.

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