I love My Favorite Murder. What should I listen to next?

Ma’ayan here, your friendly neighborhood Podcast Librarian, checking in from buzzing about the pod-o-sphere for new things to share with you. I’m always listening to best match the shows I find with your interests.

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Wooden Overcoats — a mysterious narrative about the happenings of a small island town once a second undertaker moves to town. Definitely in the vein of British sitcoms.

Beautiful Stories From Anonymous People — it teeters on the edges of comedy and real-life drama, as the host answers the phone and can’t hang up as the person on the other end talks about whatever they want to talk about.

Definitely Dying — hypochondriac comedians talking about real and imagined medical moments.


Like My Favorite Murder? Tell me what else you’d suggest for a dark comedy loving listener in the comments.

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