Help me learn something new through relatable stories

One of the reasons I love podcasts is hearing straight from the people who’ve experienced things first-hand. When this request came in for learning new things and relatable stories (with an emphasis on teen life and struggles), I immediately knew which three shows to share.

The Feeling Some Type of Way podcast pops to the top of my listening queue every time a new episode comes out; it’s two NYC high school students in collaboration with the Radio Rookies project telling it like it is. Since the show is kind of new, there aren’t many episodes yet, so I recommend looking into the teenage diaries of the Radio Diaries podcast to tide you over as new FSTW episodes come out.

And for a learn something new podcast: how about Life of the Law? It’s a living, breathing exploration of the day-to-day lives of the people law affects.

All the links in this article will automatically open in the RadioPublic app, so download the app for iOS or Android to begin listening. And if you’re seeking more personal recommendations, send the Podcast Librarian a note and I’ll help you find something you might enjoy.

Do you listen to podcasts in order to learn new things about people? Tell me what else you’d suggest for an empathetic listener-learner in the comments.

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