RadioPublic’s podcast links are 5 kinds of magic

Just a few of the many reasons that writers, podcasters, and listeners prefer linking to podcasts on RadioPublic

1 RadioPublic links work for everybody, everywhere. Not just those with iPhones — but also the 1.4 billion people with Android phones. (It works on the web, too.) Not just people in the US and Canada — but the global audience you need to reach. And we don’t showcase just some podcasts — we’re open to everyone. Which means you can share any podcast, with anyone, anywhere.

2 They’re frictionless. If you have the RadioPublic app installed, tapping a link opens the show (or episode) right inside the app. If you don’t have the app installed, links open in your web browser, and you have the option to install the app — and within 30 seconds, the app will open up directly to the show you wanted. No welcome screens, tutorials, or other gunk getting in the way. RadioPublic offers the most frictionless path from following a link to listening — whether you already have the RadioPublic app installed or not.

Podsites, our podcast website builder, follow a similar frictionless path, turning web visitors into subscribers.

The transition from reading to listening should be as smooth as possible. Photo: Jeremy Bishop.

3 Our links double as podcast embeds. You can use RadioPublic links to embed any podcast into your website (For example, check out how Entertainment Weekly used our embed player to highlight episodes of Song Exploder.)

4 RadioPublic is beautiful and easy to use. Listening on RadioPublic is as easy as turning on the radio. It’s 100% free, with no hidden charges or subscriptions. And when you finish an episode, you can use “radio mode” to hear shows you might not discover otherwise.

5 RadioPublic is a feel-good option. We respect listeners’ privacy — so much so that we don’t even require a login. We’re an open and inclusive platform. And we’re a Public Benefit Corporation helping listeners reward the podcasts they love.

Ready to start sharing RadioPublic links? Browse shows at to find your favorites.

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