How to link to a specific podcast episode on RadioPublic

You’ve got your show link, but did you know you can also share direct links to individual episodes on RadioPublic? Well, you can.

You can do it!

Just go to your show page and look for the list of episodes, below the “All Episodes” heading.

Click the episode you want.

And now you have the episode link! Select it, copy the full link (Ctrl-C or Command-C), and now you can use it wherever you like.

Now go forth and share that link: text it to a friend, embed it on a website (need one of those for your podcast? Try a Podsite: simple, beautiful, and affordable, and designed just for podcasters), include it in your email newsletter, share it on social media — secure in the knowledge that it will work for anyone, anywhere, and let them listen right away, for free.

This article is part of a series on how podcasters can use RadioPublic to grow audience and engagement for their shows. Check out the rest of the series here.

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