How podcasters can use RadioPublic to grow audience and build engagement

We built these tools for you. Yes, you.

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Start here:

  1. Want to grow your podcast audience? Here’s how RadioPublic can help.
  2. Verify your show on RadioPublic
  3. How to find your show on RadioPublic
  4. How to link to a specific podcast episode on RadioPublic
  5. Set up your “Listen with RadioPublic” badge
  6. One simple link. 12 powerful ways to grow your podcast audience. Get more listeners right now with RadioPublic links.

And there’s more!

  1. Affiliate links for RadioPublic: we help you grow audience while you help us gain users.
  2. Use our free podcast embed player (and convert more visitors to listeners)
  3. Launch support: share your new show (or season) with us. We put new podcasts in front of new listeners — and the media, too.
  4. Why RadioPublic is a better option for listeners: spread the good word with these talking points.
  5. Using RadioPublic tools on your Squarespace site
  6. How do I see my show’s stats in RadioPublic?
  7. Why our embed player focuses on one episode at a time
  8. Introducing Affinity Promotions––a proven way to grow your newsletter subscribers, survey listeners, and measure ad efficacy.
  9. Include your show in a Podcard and send it to a friend or family member.

General resources for podcasters

  1. Want help making your show? Here’s a list of podcast production companies.
  2. Our favourite resources for aspiring, beginning, and always-improving podcasters

How else can we help?

Got questions about RadioPublic? Leave a reply here, or email us at: joshua dot rae at radiopublic dot com.

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