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This week’s podcast playlists

Podcast playlists from the people behind Eleanor Amplified, Jules & James, Design Matters, and the Radiotopia network.

Doing Time

To celebrate the launch of Ear Hustle this week, all of Radiotopia’s shows are producing episodes around a common theme: Doing Time. Follow this playlist to hear each episode as soon as it’s available.

Adventure & Admiration

As Eleanor Amplified releases a two-part origin story for its heroine, we invited creator John Sheehan to share some of the shows he admires.

Love, Uncharted

Stories about falling in love with the unknown, including strangers, places, lifestyles, careers and other new experiences we often fear. Compiled by the producers of Jules & James.

Having the Talk(s)

Talking about the heavy things — death, sex, money, and more — with your kids. Curated by RadioPublic’s podcast librarian, Ma’ayan Plaut.

Future Possible

In a time of intense uncertainty, it may be helpful to consider our myriad potentials in an effort to fully understand our options, opportunities and obstacles. A selection of episodes from Debbie Millman of Design Matters.

The backstory: Every week at RadioPublic, we highlight a new set of hand-curated #PodcastPlaylists — think old-school mix tape, but for podcast episodes. Some share a theme, and others are a selection of favorites from tastemakers like authors, podcast hosts, and publications. Want to be the first to hear when new playlists are available? Join our mailing list below.


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