Write about podcasts? This easy embed player is your new best friend

Howdy podcast embedding person! We’ve updated our policies to ensure only podcasters with verified shows are using RadioPublic tools including the embed player.

To increase the number of shows that are available in the RadioPublic catalog we have direct integrations with Anchor, Libsyn, and other podcast hosting providers so that podcasters have more control over their show’s RadioPublic presence in the apps and on the web. With several thousand new shows being added each week, there’s a chance the podcast you’re looking for is already around and embeddable! And of course, any podcaster can verify their show speedily by visiting podcasters.radiopublic.com.

Everything else in the article still applies: the free embed player works for any podcast regardless of hosting provider, and it works all over the web. Happy embedding!

If you’re a blogger, journalist, or reviewer, you’re doing a huge favor to podcast listeners whenever you write up your thoughts about a show. We all rely on your insights and guidance to find new audio to fall in love with.

But until now, the writing process has been painful — and frankly, it hasn’t been great from the reader’s perspective either.

  • Writers have to spend ages hunting around for links to all the shows before adding them to an article.
  • Readers have to click through a whole series of links before they can listen, sample, or follow the shows. And worse, many readers get lost down a rabbit hole of links long before they get a chance to listen – or hit a dead end right off the bat.

I’m happy to tell you that those days are behind you. Say hello to the RadioPublic podcast embed player:

How will an embed player improve your life? Let me count the ways:

  1. You get to spend more time writing, and less time hunting around for links.
  2. Readers stay on your articles longer.
  3. Set it and forget it: embed the show once, and as new podcast episodes are published, the player will automatically display and play the most recent episode. (Want to share a specific episode? You can do that, too.)
  4. Unlike many embed players, RadioPublic’s is totally free to use.
  5. The player is optimized for mobile, where most people do their listening (but looks and works great on desktop, too).
  6. Your readers can say goodbye to dead-end links and lost trails, and hello to instant listening. (Did you know that 1.4 billion Android listeners hit a dead end when they follow iTunes links?)
  7. When your readers are done listening, they’ll get a prompt to follow the show.

Want even more reasons to start embedding podcasts? Here’s a full list of our embed player’s features and benefits.

Ready to try it out? Follow these steps:

Psst… do you publish on WordPress or Medium? If so, using our embed is even simpler —check out the instructions for WordPress or for Medium.

  1. Find a show at radiopublic.com.
  2. Click on “Share” and you’ll see “Embed” where you can copy the embed code.
  3. Paste the embed code into your website.

Ta-da! Your readers can now listen to the show while they’re reading what you wrote about it.

Now that you’re embedding podcasts into your posts, she can listen to them while she reads your commentary.

Want to embed a specific episode?

It’s just as simple to embed a single episode of a show. Once you find the show you want to embed (let’s say it’s WNYC’s Note to Self), just click on the episode you want and grab the URL — perhaps this one, featuring the guy who designed Facebook’s ad-tracking system). Then follow steps 3–5 above.

And there you have it: your new BFF… in the form of embeddable code.

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Psst: If you have any trouble finding a show in our search directory, get in touch.

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