Danielle LaPorte listens deeply — and 4 more great listens for your week

Five things to hear this week

When did you last have a “driveway moment” with a podcast? Were you riveted by a comedian on a roll? Spellbound by a story nearing its climax? Perhaps you were transfixed by a heated discussion, or an engrossing soundscape? This week’s playlists are sure to provide you with at least one driveway moment, if not several.

Danielle LaPorte: Deeper Melodies

How does genius emerge? Author Danielle LaPorte’s playlist digs into the creative process and the meaning in the art.

Danielle LaPorte is a member of Oprah’s Super Soul 100, and author of The Fire Starter Sessions, and The Desire Map. Her next book, White Hot Truth, launches May 15, 2017. You can find her at DanielleLaPorte.com.

Jody Avirgan: Unnarrated

Can a story tell itself? FiveThirtyEight’s Jody Avirgan thinks so — and these episodes without a central narrator… well, they speak for themselves.

Jody Avirgan is the host of the FiveThirtyEight politics podcast. His next venture is a series of sports-related audio docs under the “30 for 30” umbrella, coming spring 2017. This playlist is presented in collaboration with PRX’s Five Things — a salon-like series at the PRX Podcast Garage, where JULIE SHAPIRO talks to interesting people like Jody about cool stuff they love.

Ryan Steiner: The Choicest Goofs

Ryan Steiner assembles an all-killer, no-filler introduction to the prolific — and very funny — Brothers McElroy.

Curator Ryan Steiner writes about podcasts at ryansteiner.com.

Lissen Podcasts: Women Making Waves

Fierce femmes for the win: Lissen Podcasts brings together powerful perspectives on race, gender, history, and culture.

LissenPodcasts is a discovery Instagram account that shares the best voices in podcasting.

Fil Corbitt: Out There

Fil Corbitt, the man behind the Van Sounds podcast, curates a collection of episodes about wide-open spaces that might just inspire wanderlust.

You can find Van Sounds on twitter at @Van_Sounds or at www.VanSounds.org.

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