What’s Gimlet co-founder Matt Lieber listening to?

Five things to hear this week

Which startup-themed podcasts does the co-creator of StartUp listen to? Where does the host of Soonish turn for new ideas about the future? This week, we’re answering those questions, as well as listening in on complicated and instructive conversations, opening our ears and minds to audio that blurs the lines between talk and music — and discovering our place in the world through some wonderful stories about getting lost.

He’s a startup founder and StartUp co-creator, so you know he has some opinions about business podcasts.

Matt Lieber: Startup Academy

Matt Lieber, one of the creative forces behind Gimlet Media and its brilliantly self-referential show, StartUp, assembles his favorite podcast episodes about starting and running a meaningful business.

(In startup mode? I recommend pairing Matt Lieber’s collection with another launch-themed playlist: Do the Hustle.)

Veronica Simmonds: Real Talk

Radio producer Veronica Simmonds (of Sleepover fame) collects conversations where people get vulnerable, courageous, and open — guaranteed, she says, to make you a better communicator.

News From the Future

What’s next? Technology journalist and Soonish host Wade Roush shares nine episodes about the forces shaping the future.

The Audit: Lost & Found

If you like your audio fresh and diverse, this playlist about lost people, places and things, courtesy of podcast newsletter The Audit, is for you. There’s almost certainly something here you haven’t heard before.

Jon Tjhia: Between Friends

Most audio shows fall into the “music” or “talk” categories. But what happens when you mix the two? Audio artist Jon Tjhia’s playlist offers a third way — and it’s magical.

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