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5 things to hear this week

The backstory: Every week at RadioPublic, we highlight a new set of hand-curated #PodcastPlaylists — think old-school mix tape, but for podcast episodes. Some share a theme, and others are a selection of favorites from tastemakers like authors, podcast hosts, and publications. Want to be the first to hear when new playlists are available? Join our mailing list here.

This week, we’ve got hand-picked playlists from legendary radio producer Julie Shapiro, New York style mavens and business partners Erica Cerulo and Claire Mazur, and self-professed comedy nerd (and podcast reviewer) John Dodig. Plus, our podcast librarian’s favorite family-friendly listens and some light conversation fodder for all those obligatory holiday functions.

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Interesting boring stuff

The history of deodorant. Food storage. Mold. Bet you never expected to want to learn more about any of these topics — but you’ll be surprised by how gripping a tale can be spun from these seemingly innocuous, everyday things.

Listen closely

Legendary radio producer Julie Shapiro writes: “Whether drawn in by writing, sound design, story topic or style, these episodes made me tangibly feel something while I listened. Here are stories I’m still thinking about, in my mind and ears.”

10 things we listened to in 2016

Riffing on the format of their cultish Monday newsletter 10 Things, the founders of Of a Kind and hosts of the podcast A Few Things, Claire Mazur and Erica Cerulo, share the episode discoveries that helped them get through crazed mornings, crowded subway commutes, and, hey, long runs this year.

Family matters

Adventurous episodes in science, fiction, and kid-friendly news that are fun for the whole family.

Comedy podcast starter kit

John Dodig writes a weekly newsletter about podcasts — and describes himself as a comedy nerd. So you know this is going to be good. Warning: strong/explicit language.

Want more listening suggestions? Here you go.

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