Is there something like a morning radio show, but a podcast?

If a radio show has an RSS feed, you can listen within the RadioPublic app, no problem. But what if your favorite show doesn’t have a feed? This is when the Podcast Librarian dons her detective hat and starts researching the qualities of a listener’s favorite morning show in order to find a good podcast (or three) to fill the morning hours.

The relationship between the hosts and the audience is a big part of morning shows, as are recurring segments and guests, all wrapped up and tied with an energetic bow. With that in mind, a trio of shows that are fast-paced and take the best-friends-you-haven’t-met-yet conversation to a new level:

An Acquired Taste — probably the most traditional morning show style I found, since it’s a morning show team at the mic.

Good Job, Brain! — a trivia/news podcast.

Another Round— consider it a spiked coffee if you’re hoping to listen in the morning.

All the links in this article will automatically open in the RadioPublic app, so download the app for iOS or Android to begin listening. And if you’re seeking more personal recommendations, send the Podcast Librarian a note and I’ll help you find something you might enjoy.

Is there a podcast you’ve found that feeds your morning radio habits? Tell me what podcasts you’ve found in the comments.

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