All. The. Things. (Love, culture, and Black Twitter)

Detailed Podcast Librarian requests are always fun for me: the more descriptive a listener is about the shows they like or are looking for, the more research rabbit holes I get to hop down in pursuit of the right show. (And if I’m lucky, I get to surprise myself with new shows while matchmaking podcasts and listeners, too!)

For a recent listener, I received a long list of personal interests, which allowed me to pass along a handful of shows I hadn’t yet recommended to anyone — they were just waiting for the right person to come along.

The Love, Sex and Dating ‘Cast — while it primarily speaks to an Indian audience, the takeaways are universal.

Open Ended — the people behind the screens of technology and culture.

Flash Forward — each episode imagines a new future, based somewhat in the reality we live now.

Love + Radio — Documentary-ish interviews with an eclectic cast of characters. In particular, the episode A Girl of Ivory had me riveted right from the start (so good! And then there’s a twist!). I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

All the links in this article will automatically open in the RadioPublic app, so download the app for iOS or Android to begin listening. And if you’re seeking more personal recommendations, send the Podcast Librarian a note and I’ll help you find something you might enjoy.

Do the podcasts you listen to appeal to your intersecting personal interests? Tell me what podcasts you gravitate toward in the comments.

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