Introducing Stations on RadioPublic

Lean back and enjoy hand-selected podcasts with just one tap There are millions of podcast episodes you could be hearing right now, with thousands more being published every day. When presented with an overwhelming number of unplayed podcasts, it can leave us in a position where we will make no choice at all. We at RadioPublic … Continue reading Introducing Stations on RadioPublic

Better podcast listening on the web!

Listen in your browser anytime Howdy! Kyle Mitchell and Nate Hill on team RadioPublic just made listening on much, much better. Enhanced audio player on Browse around, search for something new, and keep listening at the same time. We’ve also added audio player controls, making it easy to fast-forward, rewind and scrub ahead. It’s … Continue reading Better podcast listening on the web!

17 podcasts that started in 2017 that I can’t imagine a world without

These new shows always pop to the top of my queue. I encountered thousands of new shows this year, sampled hundreds of them, and from that endless list, some of them stuck around my queue and my mind for quite a bit longer. These are the seventeen shows that started in 2017 I’m grateful exist in … Continue reading 17 podcasts that started in 2017 that I can’t imagine a world without

See you at Third Coast!

We can’t wait to meet (and party) with you in Chicago CEO and co-founder Jake Shapiro, Podcaster Relations Associate Joshua Rae, and Content Strategist & Podcast Librarian Ma'ayan Plaut will be in and around the Third Coast Festival from Thursday, November 9 through Sunday, November 12. You can find us at the RadioPublic booth, popping in … Continue reading See you at Third Coast!

Joshua T. Rae — Podcaster Relations

How do you do — I’m Joshua T. Rae. I was born and raised in one of the public radio capitals of the country, Minneapolis — Minnesnowta. I’m a big believer in the power of audio — I’m even studying to receive my amateur radio license. I am thrilled to be joining the RadioPublic team to pursue a mission … Continue reading Joshua T. Rae — Podcaster Relations

Office Hours with the Podcast Librarian

Are you launching a new show? Have a new season in the works? Pitch your show to the Podcast Librarian — live and in person! Hi! I’m Ma’ayan. As RadioPublic’s Podcast Librarian, I research, curate, and recommend podcasts to listeners and people who write about podcasts. I’ll be at several podcast and audio conferences this year and I’d … Continue reading Office Hours with the Podcast Librarian