Accept tips from fans right on your own podcast website

Another podcast monetization tool from RadioPublic

We introduced listener tips in-app back in October, and we’ve added another super-simple way for listeners to financially support your show: with Tipping on the web. Any RadioPublic PRO users with a Podsite now can accept tips up to $100 right on their website.

From a podcast’s Podsite, a fan can customize the amount they’d like to tip or pick from a selection of common one-touch presets that simplify the process for listeners. Tipping navigation, buttons, and dollar amounts are standardized, and future enhancements will allow podcasters to customize and tailor that language for their audience as well as enable recurring tips. 

How do I get access to tipping?

Tipping is available for any RadioPublic PRO with Podsite customers, with a link from the top navigation and by adding /donate to your website URL, like  Don’t have tipping enabled yet? Get in touch and we can turn it on for you:

Tips are processed by Stripe, so a small percentage of the tip is deducted to cover the cost of the transaction: Stripe processing fees are 2.9% + $0.30 for each transaction, and Stripe charges $2 per active account per month (RadioPublic will pay this fee for the first year). Once a contribution is made, the tip is sent directly to your Stripe account. Cha-ching!

How do I talk about tipping with my listeners?

Now that you have tipping enabled, you have an easy way to talk to your audience about financially supporting the show, too. Try adding a verbal call to action to one of your scripts and written call to action your episode notes.

Audio call to action: Want to support my show? Visit and click the Donate link.

Written call to action in your episode notes: You can easily support my show with a one-time donation. Visit to contribute!

A podcast website that helps people listen and makes you money? Yes indeed. Your RadioPublic PRO account comes with a Podsite that helps you do both. Start your free trial now.

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