How to create your Where to Listen page

Point your new listeners to continue listening to your show on the go.

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One part of your website is absolutely vital for curious new listeners, and it’s the place where you either keep ‘em or lose ‘em: how does someone actually start listening to your show? All of what you’ve shown them so far—a trailer, featured episodes, your show’s description—has set them up to get excited to press play, and now, it’s time to seal the deal and get them listening (and following) your show on their phone.

A few things to remember:

New listeners don’t know how to listen at all yet, and you’re here to help.

Too many links make the experience overwhelming to a new listener, and without instructions on what to do next, they’ll stop pursuing it.

How to help them:

Your existing fans already know how to listen to podcasts.

They will know how to find a show on their own, usually by opening their preferred listening app and searching for it.

How to help them:

  • Submit your podcast to every podcast directory you can (here’s how to do so on RadioPublic).
  • Make getting to your Where to Listen page super easy. Whenever they talk up your show saying, “You HAVE to listen!” a web search will get a curious new listener that much closer to getting started.

If a specific podcast app helps you accomplish your goals as a podcaster (like earn you money whenever someone listens in the app or makes it easy for a listener to send you money, or perhaps be heard by listeners around the world), that’s a reason to place it as the top choice on your how to listen page.

Don’t want to fuss with collecting all the podcast app buttons? Add your listening links on your Podsite dashboard: login to the editing dashboard from your Podsite by clicking the link in the footer or by adding “/admin” to the end of your website domain name) and we’ll do the rest.

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