Authentic stories of everyday women leaders

Curated by Chinue Richardson and Halle Millien, founders of LemonDrop Media

LemonDrop Media is a podcast network and production company that amplifies diverse voices, stories, and perspectives and reflects the complexity of communities of color and women. Founders Chinue Richardson and Halle Millien selected a cross-section of podcasts by women that embrace authentic storytelling.

Our goal at LemonDrop Media is to create a one-stop shop for podcasts by and for underrepresented communities. Currently, only 13% of the top podcast hosts are women, and only 1% of African-Americans listen to podcasts daily. We believe we can increase diverse listenership by creating bite-sized, high-quality narrative podcasts that appeal to diverse audiences.

From a personal standpoint, we also believe in the power of authentic storytelling to educate, enlighten, and carry listeners to new and unfamiliar worlds. With that in mind, we’ve pulled together a list of podcasts that have done that for us. These shows teach us how to live our best lives, and they are from women from all walks of life. We hope you enjoy!

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Loud Ladies

Our show is on the list not only because we co-host and co-produced the show, but because it provides a behind-the-scenes narrative of how a sister duo started LemonDrop Media. It is an honest reflection of our work and our lives, and we are very proud of it! Follow our journey of starting this network from scratch — think StartUp Podcast by Gimlet Media but from the perspective of women of color.

Short & Sweet

Short & Sweet is a podcast in the LemonDrop network hosted by Brook Turner and Kady Kamakate. Brook and Kady are two friends who live and work in Los Angeles. Listening to them feels like you’re listening in on a conversation between two best friends discussing their “adulting” challenges. They get creative and useful advice from their friend the “Universe,” who helps guide them through the growing pains of life. They cover everything from buying a home, asking for a raise, and even what it’s like to go to a Korean spa for the first time (which is now on the list of things to do this year.) It’s quirky, fun, and very relatable.

The Enthusiasm Enthusiast

O n The Enthusiasm Enthusiast, host Katie Ward talks with the feminists influencing our politics, media, science, and culture. At the heart of every interview is the essential question, “What are you really enthusiastic about right now?” Katie wants every woman to be enthusiastic about their real everyday lives, not just the lives they share on social media. She recently produced and published a 3-part series, where she and Dr. Sherry Ross, an award winning OBGYN, answer audience questions about women’s reproductive health. The show (and this series in particular) is a must-listen!

Side Hustle Pro

Side Hustle Pro shines a light on bold black women entrepreneurs who have scaled from side hustle to profitable business.Week after week, host Nicaila Matthews Okome shares actionable strategies to start small and get going, alongside interviews with inspiring black women entrepreneurs. Through podcasting, Nicaila has built an enviable, strong, and sustainable business and brand. She has so much to share with the world, and her podcast is the first place to go for those lessons!

Bootstrapped VC — A Backstage Capital Podcast

Backstage Capital is a venture fund that backs underrepresented startup founders. The podcast, hosted by venture capitalist Arlan Hamilton, takes you behind-the-scenes to show you what it’s like to build a fund from scratch. What is even more amazing is that Arlan went from homelessness to running this multi-million dollar fund! Talk about inspiring! The show also offers great insights into what investors are really looking for in companies. As entrepreneurs, we’ve learned a ton from the show and Arlan’s insights.

Tamarindo Podcast

The Tamarindo Podcast is Latinx voices at the intersection of politics, media, and pop culture. The LA-based hosts Brenda Gonzalez and Melinna Bobadilla dish out comedic and critical interventions. We can always count on these women to be funny, relevant, and inspiring.

The Stoop

The Stoop airs frank, fun conversations about black identity with journalists Hana Baba and Leila Day. The podcast was selected for NPR’s first-ever Storytelling Workshop, and we love that it integrates high-quality production with storytelling and journalism. If you love a great story, this one is a must-listen.

The Broad Experience

The Broad Experience is a 20-minute podcast hosted by Ashley Milne-Tyte that tackles some of the issues facing women in the workplace. Each episode is short in length, but rich in content. The host discusses race, class, family, and office politics with a range of smart, influential guests. The great career advice provided is our favorite part, which can easily be shared with team members.

Wanna Be

Wanna Be is a weekly goals and development podcast that “takes the listener from where they are to where they wanna be in 30 minutes or less.” The host and her guests give practical advice about issues that affect women in both their professional and creative lives — plus it’s short enough to listen on a commute too!

Pitch Makeover

Pitch Makeover takes the concept of a fashion makeover and applies it to startup pitches. Entrepreneurs pitch, the investors talk with the entrepreneurs, and then the investor panel shares what they should keep, delete, and, perhaps more importantly, add to their pitch. The goal of the podcast is to help #morevoices (women, non-binary people, and men of color), as Rihanna says, shine bright like the diamonds they are. How can you not love that?!

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