Using RadioPublic tools on your Squarespace site

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Because podcasters ❤ Squarespace.

If you’re a podcaster who uses Squarespace to manage your website, you’re not alone: it’s a beautiful, easy-to-use platform, and Squarespace’s podcast sponsorships have made it very popular among podcast fans and makers alike.

To make the most of RadioPublic’s tools on your Squarespace site, read on.

Adding RadioPublic listen/subscribe links to navigation

Many show sites have a “Subscribe” or “Listen” link in their navigation menu; it’s an effective way to encourage visitors to listen and follow your show. Rather than directing people to — ahem — just one listening option (that happens to be a dead end for a big chunk of your potential audience), why not link to your show on RadioPublic with one of the following options?

  1. Instead of pointing to iTunes/Apple Podcasts (which are a dead end for the 1.4 billion people who use Android devices), point that “Subscribe” link to your RadioPublic show page, which works for anyone, anywhere.
  2. Or, if you want to keep your iTunes link prominent, you could turn your “Subscribe” link into a multi-choice menu that lists a couple of options. I recommend keeping the list relatively short, like the New York Times does for The Daily here.
  3. Alternately, you could swap out the “Subscribe” link for two or three links, like this: iTunes | RadioPublic | RSS
    (Note: those links point to We Are Not These People. You should probably link to your own show.)

The key is not to list too many options; listeners get overwhelmed and confused when they’re forced to choose between a handful of links rather than guided to one or two options with clear context.

Embed any episode with our free podcast embed player

We encourage podcasters to create a unique page or blog post about each episode you release, to help listeners find episodes they’re interested in — and to boost your search engine visibility. Enhance your episode posts with an embed player that converts web visitors to engaged listeners, by following these instructions.

You can also add the embed player to your home page, to let visitors hear the latest episode right away. Our embed player automatically updates to play the most recent episode — so your website will always stay up to date, without you having to lift a finger.

This article is part of a series on how podcasters can use RadioPublic to grow audience and engagement for their shows. Check out the rest of the series here.

Still have questions? Leave a response, or get in touch. We love helping podcasters grow and engage their audiences.

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