The complete guide to RadioPublic’s categories

A better way to find what podcast to listen to next

Read our announcement of listener-centric categories and the background for creating them in the first place.

If you’re on your phone, tap on any of these links to open them in the RadioPublic app for iOS or Android, and now you’re but one step away from listening to and following the shows presented here.


We’ve got categories inside categories for this one. Includes the following subcategories:

  • Visual arts — includes Comics, illustration, and animation shows, Shows about photography, Shows about art history, and Shows about design.
  • Writing — includes Books, literature, and poetry shows, Shows for writers, Shows about performing arts, and Shows about language.
  • Food and lifestyle — includes Food and drink, Lifestyle, and Beauty and fashion.
  • Interview shows
  • Live storytelling


Because nothing is funnier than trying to analyze comedy! Includes the following subcategories:

  • An excuse to be funny
  • Comedians talk about comedy
  • Crafted comedic fiction
  • Cringe comedy
  • Improv comedy shows
  • Comedic interview shows
  • We’re just plain funny
  • Learn while you laugh
  • Pop culture comedy shows
  • Shows hosted by YouTubers
  • Standup comedy shows


Because I’ve never seen this as a category before and it’s definitely its own thing. Includes the following subcategories:

  • Serialized fiction for kids
  • Old time radio shows
  • Science fiction shows
  • Fictional stories
  • Thriller and horror

Kids & Family

Because kids and family shows have a very different content breakdown around what is for kids and what is about family. Includes the following subcategories:

  • Listen with your kids
  • Shows about parenting
  • Faith-based family shows
  • Family planning shows
  • Shows about marriage


Includes the following subcategories:

  • Breaking down music
  • Shows with full music tracks
  • Discussions about music
  • Interviews with musicians
  • All about the music industry

News & Current Events

Includes the following subcategories:

  • Daily news shows
  • US politics
  • In-depth news analysis
  • US focused news shows
  • Global focused news shows

Religion, Spirituality, & Faith

Includes the following subcategories:

  • Searching for meaning
  • Christian sermons and lessons
  • Mindfulness and meditation shows
  • Shows focusing on Hinduism
  • Shows focusing on Buddhism
  • Shows focusing on Judaism
  • Shows focusing on Islam
  • Discussions of Christianity

Science, Medicine, & Health

Includes the following subcategories:

  • Interviews about science and medicine
  • In and around the world of medicine
  • Shows about mental health
  • Social science storytelling shows
  • Physical health, fitness, and nutrition
  • Shows about astronomy
  • Shows about the environment
  • Health care education
  • Scientific discovery and research
  • Self-help and motivational shows
  • Shows about sex

Society & Culture

Includes the following subcategories:

Sports & Recreation

Includes the following subcategories:

  • Shows that discuss sports
  • Shows about basketball
  • Shows about American football
  • Shows about baseball
  • Shows about MMA and wrestling
  • Shows about golf
  • Shows about running
  • Shows about soccer
  • Shows about the outdoors

Tech, Business, & Career

Because tech is business, and jobs and business are connected, yet different. Includes the following subcategories:

TV & Film

Includes the following subcategories:

  • Shows about movies
  • Rewatch and recap shows
  • Deep dives into TV shows and films
  • Shows that talk about pop culture
  • All about the entertainment industry
  • Interviews

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