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RadioPublic is an open platform — all podcasts are welcome

Is this your audience?

Audience growth is hard, there is no silver bullet — creating a great show people want to hear is the critical step, but the rest of it doesn’t have to suck as much as it does now. It can be like hitting the lottery when an major podcast app company features your show, but with 250,000 podcasts and way more being created your odds of winning the editorial feature lottery aren’t great. So what to do? Bribe someone? Naw — push for growth, but stop pushing uphill. (If Pappy is the bribe, I might go back on this no bribe policy. jk ~maybe.)

RadioPublic is a podcast listening platform created by podcast nerds with a deep understanding of listener, podcaster and advertiser needs and how they all need to fit together and play nice. We want to help you grow your audience.

Need a podcast website that’s designed to help you convert web visitors to subscribers? A Podsite does just that, and it’s simple, beautiful, and affordable.

From web visitor to subscriber in about 30 seconds

Make it dead simple for people to subscribe to your show.

“Podcasts are too hard” — said almost everyone.

How do we reduce friction for listeners? RadioPublic is the ONLY free, frictionless, cross-platform listening app specifically designed for podcasts and podcasters. No accounts needed. No social signup. No payments.

Share one link for iOS, Android, and the web to get people listening and following in about 30 seconds.

See it in action.

Increase your reach and visibility on other websites

Bring your audience easy web listening without changing your podcast host.

Want to give your audience the opportunity to stream on desktop in addition to listening on mobile? RadioPublic has you covered there, as well.

Our free embed player is perfect for building landing pages for your shows, because it dynamically updates with the most recent episode. Embed once; we’ll keep it current.

You can add embeds to your website by following these easy instructions. It’s supported by most major CMS platforms, including Medium, WordPress, Drupal and SquareSpace. It’s also:

  • Fully responsive.
  • Vetted and whitelisted by Embed.ly as an approved content provider.
  • Compatible with existing publishing and analytics systems like Podtrac, Feedburner, PRX Dovetail, Panoply Megaphone and ART19.
  • Compatible with any podcast hosting provider, including PRX, SoundCloud, Libsyn, Megaphone, Art19, PodBean, RawVoice and Buzzsprout.

Enhance your show for new listeners

“What should I hear next?”

Help guide new listeners to your best work. Someone found your show! Great! Now give them a starting point. RadioPublic supports play order, so you can specify where new listeners should start: should they begin at the beginning, or dive right into your latest episode?

At this time we’re working with a small number of podcasters to enhance how your podcast appears within RadioPublic.

Verify your podcast on RadioPublic

What about analytics? RadioPublic integrates with standard listening metrics like Podtrac and Feedburner. We reference your public RSS feed, so every download that comes through our platform will be credited back to you. Think of us like an Internet browser — we don’t host your content, we just make it easier for listeners to access, consume and share.

Still need a little help?

Send an email to us at help@radiopublic.com. Say hi, we’d love to help you attract more listeners.

This article is part of a series on how podcasters can use RadioPublic to grow audience and engagement for their shows. Check out the rest of the series here.

Still have questions? Leave a response, or get in touch. We love helping podcasters grow and engage their audiences.

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