Trailblazers & history-makers

Curated by Wonder Media Network

Wonder Media Network is a new audio-first media company that tells the stories of women and underrepresented voices at the intersection of politics, business, and culture. In this collection they highlight podcasts about pioneers.

This collection is an ode to trailblazers everywhere. Every podcast selected features people who have achieved some sort of first – whether that be the people at Skunk Works, the story of Barack Obama, or the LGBTQ+ people who broke barriers with their activism. We hope you glean as much inspiration from listening to these stories as we did curating them.

The history we learn in school is incomplete, centered solely on the stories of the few.  While textbooks are becoming more inclusive, too many women, people of color, and other marginalized voices are left out of the conversation. Wonder Media Network is setting out to change that. Our brand new show, Encyclopedia Womannica, is a celebration of women in history you may or may not know about, but definitely should. Each month has a theme, and we are starting out with women who did things first: pioneers.

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Encyclopedia Womannica

Thinking back to our history classes growing up, we’re left wondering – where the ladies at? Enter: Encyclopedia Womannica. In just 5 minutes every weekday we’re telling the story of a different woman from throughout history who you should know about. We’re running the show for a full year. Each month is themed, and to kick things off, we’re highlighting pioneers: women who accomplished some sort of first. Highlights include Wangari Maathai, Geraldine Ferraro, and Lucille Ball.  

Inside Skunk Works

Seventy-five years ago inside a large industrials and aerospace company, a secret organization was born. The clandestine operation, called Skunk Works, was the birthplace of revolutionary technologies, including America’s first fighter jet. Skunk Works, the podcast, is a peek behind the curtain.

The First: Stories of Inventions and Their Consequences

The title says it all here. The First, hosted by Greg Young, features a story of an invention and its consequences in every episode. We found the episode on the first apartment building especially fascinating. It chronicles the lesser known evolution of a type of housing many of us rely on.

Making Obama

Barack Obama gave hope to millions of Americans as the first Black President. This show chronicles his journey from Chicago to the White House. Hosted by Jenn White, the listener is guided through Obama’s tumultuous journey.

Making Gay History

The history we learn about in school forgets far too many heroes. Making Gay History, hosted by Eric Marcus, pieces together forgotten bits of history through rare archival interviews of LGBTQ+ champions. We love the latest episode on the Stonewall Riots. The listener sees the world at that time through Eric’s eyes.

Historically Black

We don’t always get the privilege of knowing the history behind objects, especially when they are from a culture of people who have experienced continuous systemic oppression. Historically Black has Black Americans tell the stories behind a novel object in their life, often times it’s the first time the story of that object has been shared to a greater audience. We loved the episode on the fiddler from Missouri.

American Innovations

Have you ever wondered about the story behind the invention of the 3D printer? How about artificial intelligence? This show, hosted by Steven Johnson, explores a myriad of American innovations. The longer episodes dive deeper into the context surrounding innovations (we especially liked the Thinking Machines series).

Bottom of the Map

When was the last time you heard a podcast that discussed the ins and outs of southern hip hop? Our answer was never… until we found Bottom of the Map. Hosts Christina Lee and Dr. Regina Bradley, seasoned music critics and academics, are new to the podcast scene. We love how their conversations intertwine politics, culture, and music. Their episode on Outkast brought us straight back to our teenage years.

The History Chicks

We love The History Chicks podcast. They dive into the stories of incredible women throughout history in just under an hour. Their most recent episode on Charlotte Bronte left us wanting to read Jane Eyre all over again.


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