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Súbela Radio has been a leader in the online radio and podcast scene in Chile for almost 8 years, producing some of the country’s most popular podcast shows. Here, they present a selection of culture podcasts from different corners of Latin America. For a Spanish version of this article, please visit their site.

Latin American culture is defined by its sounds, its people, and some of the most exciting and diverse set of stories. In this collection, the Súbela Radio team has put together a combination of great narratives, interviews, and music that showcase the spirit of this part of the continent. The collection is especially dedicated to the community of Latin American migrants and their descendents, as well as to all those attracted to this culture but haven’t been able to visit yet.

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Frecuencia Latina

Cumbia, salsa, balada, pop argentino, bachata and more. The history of América Latina also can be told through its most popular rhythms. Frecuencia Latina is hosted by the Chilean musician Pedropiedra, who talks and explores through different musical genres and hit songs with popular artists.

Mundo Vice

Your guide to understand this absurd world we are living in. Hosted by Rodrigo Márquez Tizano with collaborations from Vice writers all over Latin America, Mundo Vice is an original podcast of Vice in Spanish, produced by the Argentinian platform Posta.

El Ignorante

In our path to wisdom, one of the most important obstacles is to admit how ignorant we are. In this podcast, Chilean actor Hector Morales walks through the city struggling to define those new words seen on the internet that aren’t yet fully understood. For the first season of this show, different people give their own definitions of feminism, gender identity, post-truth, human rights and more.

Diario Nocturno

Diario Nocturno is a podcast hosted by Chilean songwriter Camila Moreno and her two alter-egos Uterina and Puerperina, dedicated to demystify the traditional concept of being a woman. Some of the most important female voices of the vibrant scene of Latin American culture talk about historically taboo topics like menstruation, abortion, wild love and more. This is an original podcast recorded in Latin America for the Spanish radio station Gladys Palmera.

Relato Nacional

Relato Nacional is a podcast dedicated to telling moving stories from everyday people. Every episode is carefully scripted and post-produced. The goal is to enhance the everyday sounds that are recorded especially for each episode to broaden the listener’s imagination. The episode “De Gemelas a Mellizos” won the Periodismo de Excelencia award (Excellence in Journalism). This is the story of two identical twin girls and the transition of one of them to a transgender boy.


Reggaetón is currently one of the most popular musical genres in Latin America. From its early beginning it has been labeled as misogynist music, full of myths and social class prejudice. This Mexican podcast called Dembow, a Puentes original hosted by Fernanda Franco and Juan Manuel Guzmán, explores the roots of this style, its evolution in time and the socio-cultural impact it has had in the whole continent.


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