Switch up your Podsite design with new layout options and aesthetic improvements

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👋 Howdy! We’re here with a quick update on some of the new Podsites features and improvements we’ve been working on since we launched. We have new layouts and aesthetic changes to entice your Podsite visitors, an improved editing dashboard for Podsite creators, and we published some creative guides on how to make a great podcast website to help you polish up yours.

If you have suggestions for what we should work on next or feedback about a current Podsite feature, send us a message at podsitehelp@radiopublic.com.

New layout options

An example of a Podsite using custom art and centered navigation
Against The Rules uses custom art and centered navigation on their site.
  • Custom art. Add custom header art to your site, much like the header on your Twitter profile or your channel art on your YouTube channel.
  • Centered navigation. Keep important links front and center by centering your navigation around additional branding flourishes like your podcast artwork or your podcast network’s logo.
  • Visual gallery. Highlight and call attention to a new episode, another show in your network, or a special press mention. The gallery appears at the bottom of your homepage, and each entry provides space for a large image, title, subtitle, and a link.

See these enhanced layouts in action for Pinstripes and Bright Lights, Against the Rules, and Games and Groceries. If you want to start using this layout on your Podsite, send us a note at podsitehelp@radiopublic.com to enable this option for your Podsite.

Editing improvements

An example of a Podsite article page
Iconography includes a transcript for their Mayflower II episode.
  • Podsite editor. The editing dashboard is one click away once you login to your RadioPublic dashboard. (We also made it even easier to login to the editing dashboard from your Podsite: click the link in the footer of your Podsite, or by adding “/admin” to the end of your website domain name.) There’s also an updated editing interface.
  • Add an article. Enhance your episodes with additional content, add updates about your show, and extend into original writing.
  • Support for additional podcast listening destinations. We added more listening app links, including like iHeart, Castro, and Stitcher.

Aesthetic improvements

An example of a Podsite using a custom favicon
College Sports Hour‘s custom favicon.
  • Favicon. Add a small image that accompanies the name of your website in a browser tab by uploading it to your Podsite dashboard.
  • Improved episode formatting for podcasts hosted on Soundcloud. Links are clickable, and paragraphs and line breaks in descriptions will format accordingly.
  • Emoji support for listener testimonials. Next to a reviewer’s name, select an accompanying emoji that reflects the emotions conveyed in the review. 😍
  • Link to your email newsletter. Want to increase your newsletter subscribers? Add a link to your subscription page in the Home section of your Podsite dashboard.
  • New social icons. Add links to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat accounts as well as YouTube and Twitch channels.

Overall technical improvements

Lastly, don’t forget to check out our article series on how to make a great podcast website (and send suggestions of other helpful articles you’d like to read to podsitehelp@radiopublic.com).

Want to try your hand at creating your own Podsite with all these new improvements? Start your free trial today.

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