Custom Podcards for Podcasters

Help your listeners give the gift of podcasts–including yours!–to their friends and family

Happy (almost) 2018, dear podcasters!

We at RadioPublic have been developing a new feature, just in time for the holiday season. It’s called a Podcard — part e-card, part gift card, part personalized podcast present — to send to a special someone as a gift that’ll keep on giving throughout the coming year.

A Podcard is a fun personalized playlist of 5–10 episodes that listeners can send to their friends through a web page. Give it a try for yourself at and you’ll get the picture.

We thought you (and your listeners) would enjoy this magical present, and of course, we wanted to provide a way to add in an episode of your own show in the mix.

How do I add my show to a Podcard?

Quite easily: you can do so in less than a minute. Here are instructions and a step-by-step video.

Any listener using your custom landing page will send playlists that automatically includes an episode from your show at the top of the Podcard. The Podcard will feature the most recently available episode of your show, unless you’ve designated an ideal “Start here” episode in your feed. More on that here.

I want my listeners to send Podcards, too. How do they do that?

Direct them to And thanks for sharing!

If you want to assure that your show ends up in your listeners’ Podcard: the unique link you create will always include an episode of your show, so use that to encourage your listeners to send Podcards to their friends and family. Some places you can share that unique link:

  • Mention it on your podcast and add your unique link to your episode notes
  • Include it in your email newsletter
  • Share a post on Facebook, Twitter, or any of your show’s social media presences

How do podcasts appear in Podcards?

A little bit of human, and a little bit of holiday magic. Our Podcast Librarian is always curating collections of shows, so we added a little bit of sugar and spice to the selections this time of year by aligning those collections with descriptive adjectives.

Will my show appear in Podcards if it’s not listed on RadioPublic?

No, but if it’s not listed, tell us about it and we can get it added to our directory!

Can I remove any of the shows in my Podcard?

Currently there’s no way to remove episodes from a Podcard (that will be coming in a future version), however if you’d like to send a specific list of episodes to your listeners you can do that in RadioPublic by creating a playlist.

I have another question about Podcards or RadioPublic. Can we talk?

Sure! Here’s our announcement of Podcards, read more about us, check out our free tools for podcasters, or connect directly with me:

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