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As RadioPublic’s Podcast Librarian, I’ve always got my ears perked for new things. I started keeping track of all the new shows I ran across while researching and recommending podcasts over the last year, but as my list of new-to-the-scene shows started doubling, tripling, septupling, a few things became clear:

  • more and more new podcasts are appearing every day, so
  • new shows are fighting for visibility and ear-time alongside shows that have been running for years, and
  • the people who can best get the word out about the newest listens don’t have one centralized place to go to begin their writing.

That’s why we started Cued Up, a weekly newsletter for people who write about podcasts. Each week, your inbox receives a hand-crafted delivery of new shows and seasons that are launching in the next few days — hey, tell us about it if you are! — plus a list of shows we’ve run across that came out in the last week.

Why write about podcasts? Here are some of the top reasons to do so.

Expect a new edition of Cued Up every Monday from yours truly, and we’re always open to hearing about how you utilized these shows in your writing — just hit reply and let us know!


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