Embed any podcast no matter where it is hosted.

Howdy podcast embedding person! We’ve updated our policies to ensure only podcasters with verified shows are using RadioPublic tools including the embed player.

To increase the number of shows that are available in the RadioPublic catalog we have direct integrations with Anchor, Libsyn, and other podcast hosting providers so that podcasters have more control over their show’s RadioPublic presence in the apps and on the web. With several thousand new shows being added each week, there’s a chance the podcast you’re looking for is already around and embeddable! And of course, any podcaster can verify their show speedily by visiting podcasters.radiopublic.com.

Everything else in the article still applies: the free embed player works for any podcast regardless of hosting provider, and it works all over the web. Happy embedding!

RadioPublic has a free podcast player for the web you can use.

We built an awesome web podcast player. It’s free. It works for all podcasts. Podcasters, check out https://podcasters.radiopublic.com from there you can verify your podcast and get the embed player. There are also a bunch of other benefits and tools when you verify your show.

What does it look like?

How do I embed a podcast on a website?

Check out this video that shows how simple it is.

Need your own podcast website? A Podsite is simple, beautiful, and affordable, and designed just for podcasters.

What does the podcast web player do?

  • Embed once and as new podcast episodes are published the player updates automatically with the most recent episode.
  • A free embed player designed specifically for podcasts, not music.
  • The “Take it to go” pause state encourages listeners who discover your podcast on the web to follow and subscribe so they can listen later.
  • The RadioPublic embed does not cache, transcode or rehost episodes — supporting podcasters who rely on dynamic audio ad delivery.
  • Regular improvements and new features to help podcasters grow audience with encouragements to subscribe/follow.
  • Fully responsive with support for mobile devices and web browsers.
  • Allows people to easily add the embed to other websites via oEmbed — the embed method supported by publishing platforms like Medium.com, WordPress, Drupal and SquareSpace.
  • Vetted and whitelisted by Embed.ly as an approved content provider.
  • Based on the open source project maintained by PRX an established leader in audio distribution technology.
  • Compatible with existing publishing and analytics systems like Podtrac, Feedburner, PRX Dovetail, Panoply Megaphone and ART19.
  • Supports all podcasts no matter where the podcast is hosted.
  • Universal podcast links open up right to your show in RadioPublic available for both iPhone and Android.
  • Coming next: Support for dynamic audio ad delivery and measurement from your existing hosting provider.





Are you a podcaster?

Of course you are… how would you get to the bottom of this article otherwise? Learn about all of our great tools and resources for podcasters at https://podcasters.radiopublic.com

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