Embed any podcast no matter where it is hosted.

RadioPublic has a free podcast embed player for the web that any podcaster can use

We built an awesome web podcast player. It’s free. It works for all podcasts. There is a PRO version that does even more awesome stuff. Test both below by pressing play and pause.

Podcasters can get their own free embed player by going to podcasters.radiopublic.com.

What does the Basic free web player look like and do?

  • Works with any and all podcast hosting providers.
  • Updates automatically when you publish new episodes.
  • Simple copy and paste embedding for WordPress and Medium.
  • Fully responsive with support for mobile devices and web browsers.
  • Supports podcasters who rely on dynamic audio ad delivery.

Here’s a PRO embed with more awesome stuff

  • Email acquisition tools to help you grow your newsletters and lists.
  • Design and branding is 100% focused on your show.
  • Dynamic pause state with prompts encouraging people to download and subscribe.
  • Customize and control the listening apps you promote to listeners.
  • Advanced Google Analytics integration with custom listening events.

How do I embed a podcast on a website?

Check out this video that shows how simple it is.

Looking to grow your podcast audience?

Of course you are… how would you get to the bottom of this article otherwise? You can learn about all of our great tools and resources for podcasters at podcasters.radiopublic.com.

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