Shows about the World Cup

Curated by James Parkinson, creator of By Association and World Cup Stories James Parkinson is an audio producer from Melbourne, Australia with a passion for storytelling and the world’s most popular sport. Here, James presents a collection of podcasts that focus on the World Cup. As the world’s most popular sport, football occupies a unique place … Continue reading Shows about the World Cup

Football podcasts to get ready for Super Bowl LI

The countdown to Super Bowl Sunday is on. As you wait, let one of these podcasts fill the hours until then — one for each of the teams facing off and four general NFL shows. All the shows listed here will open in the RadioPublic app (iOS | Android) so you can start listening immediately. Patriots Beat … Continue reading Football podcasts to get ready for Super Bowl LI

Find me fantasy football podcasts

Things I never thought about until a request came to the Podcast Librarian reference desk: how many fantasy football podcasts are there? The answer: lots, ranging from the daily update podcast to the all-fantasy-teams-all-the-time podcasts, and ranging in content from news to strategy. Here are three shows to help you manage your team better this … Continue reading Find me fantasy football podcasts