Your podcast ratings displayed on RadioPublic, provided by Podchaser

Get a sense of a podcast’s popularity with Podchaser ratings on RadioPublic pages

A potential new listener looks at a number of different signals to decide, “Is this podcast right for me?” Some of these indicators are ones that you provide, like your podcast artwork, your logline and podcast summary, and even your host bio. Some are provided by your audience, in the form of listener feedback displayed as ratings and reviews.

Ratings and reviews provide a specific kind of insight into your show, namely, public validation that people are listening to your show. This kind of social proof is yet another way in which visitors make a decision to invest time in your show. “If these other people did it, maybe I should, too.”

In the spirit of listeners being an integral part of the podcasting landscape, we’ve partnered with Podchaser to easily display community podcast ratings on RadioPublic landing pages. With Podchaser’s cross-platform approach to reviews, people can read and write reviews for the shows they listen to from their iPhone, Android device, and desktop computer. 

“On Podchaser you can rate and review specific episodes, as well as an overall rating for each podcast. Rating and reviewing individual episodes helps the community reveal the most interesting, funny, thought-provoking episodes of your favorite podcasts, as well as highlighting outstanding episodes from up and coming podcasts. You can then easily share your reviews directly from Podchaser!”

Listener ratings from Podchaser’s vibrant community of creators and listeners are beginning to roll out across podcasts in the RadioPublic catalog. You can see it now on podcasts like Fresh Air, Wolf 359, and Unmapped, with more coming soon.

Beyond the Box Set on RadioPublic, complete with their Podchaser ratings

Not sure how to start up the rating and review parade for your podcast? We have guidance on how to collect testimonials and feedback from your listeners to get you into the mindset to ask for and receive such gifts from your audience.

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